Jon Simcoe

Jon has set up over 100 rent to own projects, and as a result, has made home ownership a reality for Canadians who otherwise would not have been able to buy a home to live in. He strives to put others first in all of his deals, and as a result he has a 95% success ratio with his clients (in an industry that is only 50/50). If he can do everything possible make successful home ownership a reality for all Canadians, he’ll feel like he’s winning. As a direct result of the standard he’s setting it appears the entire rent-to-own industry is being improved thanks to his efforts to make rent-to-own a more mainstream way for people to buy, and people to sell their home.

Jon Simcoe is the President of the Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals (elected fall of 2016 to present, Director of Professional Standards 2012 to 2016). He also holds highest Diamond Member status (having completed more than 10 successful rent to owns) within CAROP.

As of the beginning of 2017, he has raised over $17,000,000 of private capital for the rent to own program. He is an example of how to use Other People’s Money with integrity, and as a result was nominated for the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Awards Joint Venturer of the Year 2016. Other awards include: “Fast Track Most Capital Raised Award 2015” and “Canadian Real Estate Profits” “Rent-to-Own All Star Award in 2012 and 2014.”

Jon Simcoe started his first business at age 12. He marketed using bulletin boards and advertised a grass cutting and landscaping services. Bill and Donna Bradley, a team of the top realtors in Canada saw Jon’s ad and put him to work. What started as lawn maintenance and weed pulling at vacant for sale properties, evolved into security checks once Jon got his driver’s license.

Business Experience

At the age of 19, Jon and Jeff Scott, a good friend and martial arts training partner, decided to start offering lessons and opened a Tae kwon Do club. He had just completed his second-degree black belt. This is where Jon learned that he truly enjoyed developing his students and providing value to club members. The club doubled in size for 5 straight years. During that time, the club outgrew its original location and they got a bigger building. Jon joined the Global Tae kwon Do Federation and some of his students got their black belts. Many of these students stayed with the club and became instructors and role models for the colored belts.

At 23 years of age, Jon got out of university with architecture as his main subject of study. Jon quickly paid off his student debt by working 3 jobs and got into his first joint venture on a property in Winnipeg. This was a fantastic opportunity for Jon and his joint venture partner Justin Valmont, as they were able to fix up the home and rent it out for the next 3 years.  They sold it and both were 26 when they spent the profits on their dream sports cars: a Porsche for Jon and a Dodge Viper for Justin.

Fort McMurray

Jon’s friend Jeff moved to Fort McMurray and was making a good paycheck working in the oil sands. Tempted with the ability to work hard and come up with more down payment funds to purchase additional properties, Jon left his rental property and Tae kwon Do club to move to Fort McMurray.

Jon got a job working for the oil companies and worked lots of shift work saving up 80% of his earnings to make investments. After experimenting with flipping cars, mutual funds, and other moneymaking ideas, Jon realized that real estate was the best way to grow his wealth.

Just after purchasing his Porsche, Jon went to a Darren Weeks Fast Track Get Rich Event. Jon met Darren and after a quick conversation Darren said to Jon, “It seems like you know what you are doing with real estate, have you ever thought about raising capitol from other people to buy additional properties?” A big light bulb went off for Jon, and he decided to get the financial education and training he needed to be able to do this.

Real Estate

Jon wanted to be back in business. He missed the feeling of fulfillment from making his Tae kwon Do clients happy. He read many books and took lots of financial training and personal development courses. Lion Properties was born to serve others who wanted to earn the returns that are possible with real estate, but did not have the time or knowledge to properly manage the properties. Jon started with strategies and joint venture partners using a rent-to-own model from one of his courses. He continues to make home ownership a reality for well-deserving families. Jon used this strategy to quit his full time job and become a full time entrepreneur by age 30.

Jon is best known for the tenant-first rent-to-own strategy, and uses other strategies to help his joint venture partners. Some of which include: building from the ground up, buy and hold, to fix-and-rent-out. Jon learned how to work with other people’s RRSP, LIRA, RESP and TFSA funds and grow them within a real estate deal. To date, Jon has set up 58 real estate deals and raised over $11,000,000 in capitol.

Jon has been sharing his knowledge at the Cash Flow 101 meet up group in Fort McMurray for nearly 10 years. He is an Amazon Best Selling Author of “The Rent To Own Solution To Home Ownership: For good people who have been turned down for a mortgage by the big banks and mortgage companies”. Jon has spoken in front of hundreds of people, and is a sought after public speaker. He strives to make everyone win!