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How to Calculate Return on Investment

An investor cannot evaluate any investment, whether it’s a stock, bond, rental property, collectible or option, without first understanding how to calculate return on investment (ROI).This calculation serves as the base from which all informed investment decisions are made and, although the calculation remains constant, there are unique variables that different types of investment bring […]

Your Personal Wealth Ratio

In order to properly understand the purpose of a wealth ratio, we will first define wealth. Definition of Wealth: The number of days you can survive without working. What is a Wealth Ratio? Your personal wealth ratio is the amount of passive income divided by your expenses. Passive Income = Wealth RatioExpenses If you have […]

Who’s influencing you?

Birds of a feather flock together. The people with whom you habitually associate are called your “reference group.” According to research by social psychologist Dr David McCelland (Harvard), your “reference group” determines as much as 95% of your success and failure in life. Who do you spend the most time with? Who are the people […]