Is a $78,000 gingerbread house worth the investment?

gingerbread houseThe Christmas season is well underway: lights strung up outside the house, stockings hanging over the fireplace and the shopping (almost) done. It’s the time of year to take a break from your real estate investments. That is, unless you are investing in the one house with building materials undoubtedly tastier than bricks and mortar: the gingerbread house.

Typically, the purchase of a gingerbread house would cost an investor around $20 or so. But the folks at VeryFirstTo, an online luxury retailer, have created a gingerbread house that they’re calling the “most precious Christmas gingerbread house ever”. It’s also the most expensive, at $77,910 USD.

“The house, perfect for Christmas, will be totally bespoke and created in the likeness of your own home,” wrote the retailer in a press release.

So, is the house worth the investment? While most homes of the gingerbread variety feature candy cane lampposts, mortar made of icing and decorative gumdrops, this one is adorned with 150 AAAA-grade South Sea pearls and a five-carat Mozambique ruby set amid the icing.

So, if you have a spare $78,000 lying around this holiday season, you could indulge in this extravagant investment, or maybe it would be better to use that amount for a downpayment on your next investment property.

After all, the gingerbread house won’t have any significant long-term appreciation, once it’s been eaten by your Christmas guests.

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