Rent to Own

Rent To Own should be considered a step towards conventional financing. You can “live in the home of your dreams today” and enjoy all of the benefits that come with home ownership, while you are saving up some additional down payment, or while you repair or establish your credit. Many people are denied the opportunity of OWNING their own home, because they do not fit the so-called “credit box” of most banks or mortgage companies today. But with a little extra work and a little extra time, you can fit their “credit box”. Some of the reasons why you may not qualify for a mortgage with a bank or mortgage company, but make an ideal candidate with Lion Properties, may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: Slightly Bruised or Blemished Credit Have Not Established Credit (new to Canada) Not Enough Down Payment Self Employed Previous Bankruptcy Recently Divorced Identity theft With a little extra work and some focus on your education, the ability to Owning Your Own Home can easily be realized! The problem is most banks or mortgage companies are NOT interested in providing you with the necessary “education”, because that is NOT the business they are in…they are in the “lending” business. The Rent To Own concept can be an extremely powerful financing option. The key to this concept is to make sure that all stakeholders (you and Lion Properties’ investors) Win in the process! We want to bring investors and people who would like to own their own homes together. If you are looking to own your own home, but the banks or mortgage companies are saying NO, you may want to consider filling out an application to see if we can work together and create a Rent to Own option that works for YOU!

What You Need to Know About Real Estate and Home Ownership

If you don’t have enough of a down payment to qualify at the bank, the Rent to Own home ownership program is a perfect solution for you. It will help you to save additional down payment, repair and or rebuild your credit or establish credit if you are new to Canada. Lion Properties will work closely with you and help you to achieve these objectives by providing you with the necessary education and show you what you will need to do. You do have the option to OWN your own home. A good Rent to Own program should be considered as a step towards obtaining conventional financing. Sometimes it only requires a few minor changes for the banks to say “YES”, instead of saying “NO”! Most people just require a little extra help or a second chance. Owning your own home provides you with the opportunity to gain equity and appreciation in value. Any gain realized in your home is considered as “tax free” in Canada. It’s classified as “Capital Gains Exempt”. There are not too many tax advantages available to the average Canadian. You can take part and profit from owning your own home sooner rather than later with the Rent to Own program at Lion Properties.