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Vacations Are Assets

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"What Is An Enjoyable Asset?"

We all love to travel, relax and take vacations. There’s nothing better than spending time with your loved ones on a sandy beach, by the pool in a resort or in your favorite comfortable destination and just ESCAPING from your daily stresses.

pina coladaImagine just sitting back and sipping a pina colada in the warm tropical sun after a day of golf or snorkeling. You’ve got your kids, parents, siblings or significant others with you. Life is great!

Unfortunately, these pleasures typically cost A LOT of money. Flights, accommodation and daily expenses add up very quickly. According to the experts, an average vacation will cost about 10% of a family’s annual income. If you’re like most Canadians, you likely can’t afford that without dipping into your line of credit or putting it on your credit card.

Of course, putting a vacation on your Master Card or Visa once or twice is probably sustainable. You can come back from your trip relaxed and work hard to pay it off. A few extra hours a week should do the trick. The problem, though, is that most people go into debt every single time they take a vacation. And that’s when they run into trouble.

This is especially challenging for those who have retired, or who are close to it. During their golden years, most retirees live on a fixed pension income and are forced to limit their costs. The last thing they can afford is an expensive vacation. As you could probably guess, it’s hard for someone in this position to afford to travel, vacation and see the world without going into debt.

To me, that seems very unfair.

Before you plan or pay for any travel, I strongly suggest speaking with myself, or one of my friendly team members. On the call, we will discuss your travel dreams and desires. After that we will discuss the many ways to get involved. If you are ready to make a change to your quality of life before and after retirement, we need to have a discussion.

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Travel and memories with loved ones is one of life's greatest rewards.

Unfortunately, most Canadians spend an enormous portion of their lives working hard so that they can vacation more during retirement. However, because of the expenses involved, they don’t travel enough when they need it the most.

However, once they do retire, they want to go to the tropics a couple of times a year, enjoy the sun, eat good food and RELAX. After all, they deserve it!

But how can they relax when taking a vacation could throw them into a BIG pile of debt?

Life shouldn’t get more stressful when you retire. That would be completely backwards!

Do you know what’s even worse?

Many people are actually encouraged to go into debt to take vacations because interest rates are so low right now. Eventually, they’ll need to pay that back. If interest rates rise, they could land into some hot water. And if they pass before the debt is paid off, their children will probably be left with it.

how_to_survive_a_family_vacationI’ve spent a lot of time trying to help people solve this challenge. For years I believed that there was no easy fix. Vacations are expensive and that’s all there was to it. So, I would advise people to educate themselves financially, make good investments, consider entrepreneurship, start a home-based business, attend seminars and learn to buy real estate. I’d encourage them to increase their wealth over time and eventually they’d be able to afford a great annual vacation.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t give them a SIMPLE solution. There was always an element of hard work involved. There was always some risk. And to tell the truth, not everyone will get wealthy enough to afford their dream retirement. It’s just a a fact.

However, after several years of looking all that has finally changed. I found that simple solution.

I discovered a way to stay at the world’s finest destinations for PENNIES on the dollar without using credit cards, pre-paid charge cards, loans, lines of credit or going into ANY kind of debt WHATSOEVER.

Ready to hear a bit more? Of course you are!

What if I told you that you’ve already paid for your vacation? In fact, you didn’t just pay for one stay; you purchased a lifetime’s worth!

You’d probably say, “No I haven’t, Jon! That could cost me a hundred-thousand dollars. I’d remember making a HUGE purchase like that!

Allow me to explain.

Now, a lifetime of vacations can certainly cost a hundred-thousand dollars. But it doesn’t have to. In fact, let me share with you Canada’s BEST KEPT SECRET about saving for retirement. This is something that almost nobody knows about, but that’s about to change.

Are you ready for it?

By using only $20,000 from your RRSP account, you can pre-pay for a lifetime’s access to over 4,500 resort destinations across the world – regardless of your age!

That means:

  • Enjoying LUXURY vacations around the world
  • Not worrying about the stress of paying for it
  • Not using loans, savings or credit cards to pay for it
  • Paying ZERO interest on loans, because you’re not using any!
  • Traveling more frequently to more destinations
  • Using your RRSP for what it’s meant for: retirement planning!

Why not use your RRSP to save up to 70% on your vacation costs?!

PLUS, there’s one more detail I haven’t shared with you yet:

By participating in this opportunity, the Canadian government will give you $3,000 to subsidize your family vacations!!

Yes, you read that right! No, that wasn’t a typo!!

Learn What Canadians Are Doing To Go On Endless Vacations and So Can You


Vacationing is part of your retirement. So wouldn’t it make perfect sense to use money you already saved for your retirement to pay for your vacation accommodations for life before you retire?

Yes! Of course it does!

For $20,000 in your RRSP, you can PRE-PAY FOR A LIFETIME’s WORTH OF RESORT USE and

  • Get access to 4,500 of the world’s most luxurious destinations
  • Enjoy a $3,000 CHEQUE from the Canadian government to cover your vacation cost
  • Receive the most VALUE from your RRSP possible
  • Avoid going into debt to pay for your vacations
  • NEVER withdraw money from your RRSP and get PENALIZED for it again

All of this sounds pretty interesting, right?

For most Canadians, this option makes a whole lot of sense. But, to make sure that it is worth it for you, you MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. You want to save 50, 60, 70 and even 80% on your vacations for the rest of your life
  2. You don’t ever want to go into debt because of vacations again
  3. You want to put your RRSP towards good use
  4. You want the option to vacation to not one, but to over 4,500 destinations
  5. You have at least $20,000 in your RRSP
  6. You could use another $3,000 from the Canadian government

If you met 6 out of 6 of those points, you know that this is the right fit for you.

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